More than 70% of online customers rely on high-quality product photos, and your Amazon listing images are critical. The visual qualities of a product are essential. You are unlikely to obtain new clients Without a decent picture.

The photo on Amazon product listings takes up the majority of your page. There is plenty of white space in these images.

Why you should use high-quality images:

High-quality product images are fundamental to successful e-commerce and one of the most effective tools to showcase your products. Clear, well-lit photos can significantly differentiate your products from those of competitors as they attract potential customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Customers desire reliable information when purchasing decisions, so great visuals help generate the trust needed to convert sales. Professional-looking photos create a solid first impression and capture attention, which helps boost clicks, engagement, and sales while reducing time spent on customer service inquiries. Quality visuals are critical to success and should always be considered carefully.

When creating images for Amazon listings, they must comply with the guidelines to ensure a quality customer experience. Quality images should be aligned with product details, professionally shot on clean white or light backgrounds, and include realistic color representation and clarity.

Amazon image requirements:

  • Product images are among the most influential factors in consumer purchasing decisions, so having quality and realistic images is essential to convey a positive impression of the product to potential customers.
  • All of the product’s features must be visible.
  • The main image must have a white background.
  • The minimum number of images is 7.
  • Main images should be professional photographs that are of a high resolution and attractively represent the product or concept.
  • Images must have the title of the product.
  • To enable the zoom function, the dimension of the image should be 1600 pixels.
  • The maximum limit of the images is 10000 on the longest side.
  • Amazon’s acceptable formats are; jpeg, gifs, and tiff,
  • Remember that the content must not contain any explicit subject matter or anything considered objectionable.
  • Graphics and illustrations are not allowed.
  • The main image must be from one angle.

Amazon Product Image Optimization:

The process of choosing images that will maximize conversions should be analytical, taking into account several factors, such as

  1. Relevance to the content and the audience.
  2. The emotional response they evoke.
  3. Aesthetic factors such as colour and composition.
  4. Finally, consider optimization strategies such as leveraging negative space or using emerging trends in visual media – this will help draw attention at a glance and provide an often-overlooked boost to conversion rates.



Image dimension for amazon listings:

It is highly recommended to use the most prominent image size available. Doing so can ensure that your images appear crisp and clear even when they are enlarged or edited. Additionally, larger images will allow you to zoom in and crop more precisely when editing them without sacrificing quality. Making sure that all images used are of a high-resolution quality also dramatically improves the finished result of any design project. Therefore, using the largest image size available when creating visuals helps produce professional and clean results while preserving precise details.

We recommend working with about 2000x2000px, as that allows for perfect details detail.

Uploading photos

Step 1:For a new product uploading, there is a tool called  “Add a Product.”

Step 2: An offer tab will direct you to the “Photos of Your Item” page/link.

You have the option of uploading photos from an existing folder. However, making a subfolder is recommended to avoid any confusion.

For existing products, choose “Product Detail Page.”

You should find a link similar to the ones provided above from there.

The main image on amazon:

Utmost importance should be placed on your main image as it acts as an initial draw for customers. An enticing main photo has the potential to captivate and persuade viewers to explore further, making the difference between customer conversion and abandonment. Relevant visuals that effectively communicate a product or service’s value proposition can combine to create an inviting experience that excites users and encourages interaction. Additionally, selecting colours and imagery consistent with branding guidelines helps build trust in the customer and reinforces a professional corporate persona. When used effectively, images can become a powerful way to garner attention; they should never be overlooked or taken lightly.

Lifestyle image:

These images do not require any white background. It allows you to unleash your creativity in real life. Lifestyle photos are an effective visual tool for conveying how customers/people use a product.

These images demonstrate product usage in action while showing off key features and the variety of situations in which the product could be used by those who bring it into their lives.

Furthermore, they can generate interest and impulse buying due to their relatability. As people become emotionally invested in seeing themselves using its various functions, lifestyle photos have proven to be a successful way to convert site visits into purchases.


Infographic images:

Infographics show more details about the product, its uses, and its features.

It helps the customers visualize the product’s primary characteristics and make buying decisions easier.

Using specific colors and font styles can make your product stand out.

Specify product dimensions, size, and shape.

Make the process diagram of the materials you used.

For nutrition products, try to make a list of the ingredients.


Product packaging:

Product package images on Amazon are essential for creating customer engagement and encouraging purchasers to make informed decisions. From these images, customers can evaluate product information such as size, shape, colour, and packaging materials to decide what’s best for their needs.

Attention to detail should be your priority because customers always look for details.

Product package photos should also be branded to differentiate the item from its competitors.


Close-up look:

Hence, if the customer can not touch the products online, it is advisable to show more details by zooming in on features and Essential details to the customers.

Close-up looks help customers see the product’s visual quality and design.

Try to take photos from every perspective.


Comparing photos:

Before and after images are compelling when the product resolve customer problem.

Moreover, these visuals may even inspire potential customers by providing them with a clear demonstration of what can be achieved by using the specific product.

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