Amazon product listing optimization in 2023

Amazon generates approximately 127.1 billion U.S. dollars in the third quarter of 2022.

Hence it is evident that amazon is unstoppable and will continue to increase its sales in the future.


What is a product listing on amazon :

An Amazon product listing is a page on the Amazon website that provides detailed information about a product available for purchase. The product listing includes the product’s title, price, images, description, and customer reviews.

It also enables searches for finding your products on amazon.

Convince customers to buy your products.

One of the best strategies to rank your product is image listing optimization.


Stages involved in amazon product listing:

Product title:

The title of your product should accurately and clearly describe the product and include relevant keywords that customers may be searching for.

The maximum title on amazon is from 200 to 250 characters.



High-quality images:

Customers want to see clear and detailed images of the products they are considering purchasing.

So, the images must be high-quality with infographics and focus on details.


Describing product:

To know about the product and its features, try to write a detailed product and give customers authentic information.

It should contain the following:

Features, benefits, and specifications.



Utilize bullet points:

Bullet points are an effective way to highlight key features and benefits of the product. Use bullet points to make it easy for customers to scan and understand the key points about the product quickly


Reviews :

Don’t ignore any negative reviews from customers.

It helps improve the credibility and visibility of your product.



The power of the A9 algorithm:

A9 is the search algorithm developed by amazon for its product searches.

It is a powerful tool for seller to increase their ranking.

The more you sell on amazon, the higher will be chances of your ranking.

Additionally, having a high conversion rate (the percentage of people who purchase your product after viewing the product listing) and a high number of positive customer reviews can also help improve your product’s ranking in search results.


Product price:

If you put your price correctly and accordingly with the competition, there are higher chances of conversion.

Make sure to do a lot of research when setting a price for your product.



Products in stock:

The number of items in inventory in the past can influence a company’s ranking in a given product search. Your sales performance will suffer if, for example, you boost pricing to clear out the remaining inventory on a specific item.



Images of the product:

Although the product images are not directly related to amazon ranking criteria, they can boost your conversion rate.

Customers can see your product details pages by clicking on the product images.



 What are the best ways to ensure amazon product listing optimization:

  1. Include relevant keywords in the bullet points.
  2. Enhance your products with A+ content by adding pictures, text, etc.
  3. Be careful when sub-categorizing your product. If the customers find it difficult or you mistakenly classify your product, It will not be considered
  4. The best strategy is to offer your customers free delivery, which will boost the conversion rate.











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