Amazon product packaging design

A tremendous visual impact has always drawn human eyes.   When it comes to retail, you must consider this human aspect because you will be dealing with human minds and their decision-making instincts.

How many times have you gone into a grocery shop or supermarket intending to buy one brand but leaving with another? While the quality of the items (of similar companies) and their performance are debatable, there’s no doubt that Packaging plays a crucial influence in any product selection, especially when done online.

E-commerce packaging, particularly Amazon package design, goes beyond simply having the box look appealing to shoppers. It’s more of a marketing tool that creatively defines, protects, distinguishes, and even promotes your brand.

As an Amazon seller, remember that customers’ experience and expectations do not end when they place an order online. In reality, it’s simply the start of a long-term partnership with your brand. As a result, your commitment is to make it right from the start. Your product packaging design is an excellent medium for impressing Amazon customers.

Wouldn’t you like to get anything wrapped in a lovely and appealing box? The first and most successful strategy to build a loyal customer base on Amazon is by designing your Amazon product package.





Amazon, in general, has had a significant impact on customer purchasing decisions. It is due to its massive customer reach, reputation, and an extensive collection of sales orders. Product packaging, among other things, is essential to getting your brand visible in Amazon’s search results.

As you may have noticed, the Amazon results page is exceptionally competitive. When a product appears on the first page of search results, it produces approximately 80% of sales. When a product ranks on the second or third page, it can only attract 0-10% of the sales. Herein lies the key to succeeding as an Amazon merchant.


Give your product an innovative look:


Amazon recommends that all product photos on its marketplace be simple and taken against a white background. As a result, many branding experts say that sure hues, particularly orange, bright green, and blue, look great on Amazon.


Role of mobile devices:

Furthermore, tidy, clean designs look beautiful and load quickly on mobile and desktop platforms. This is noteworthy because smartphones account for over 50% of all web traffic.


Boost brand recognition:

In addition to assisting you in ranking higher in Amazon search results, your product packaging can also increase brand recognition.  While few Amazon sellers have the reach or reputation of huge companies, you may build a distinct visual identity to help capture attention and raise awareness among your target audience.


Apple iPhone  as an example:

And believe me, your product packaging is vital to brand recognition. Apple, for example, has excellent on-brand product packaging. If you’ve ever purchased or received an iPhone, you’ve undoubtedly kept the iPhone box in your cabinet, shelf, or drawer. While you might not do the same for any other smartphone or gadget packing, the sensation is different for Apple devices. Such is the impact and dominance of their packaging design.

The technology conglomerate could have handed us its devices in a simple box with a user manual, but instead, they’ve gone out of their way to provide us with strong, appealing white Packaging with a clean, classy design. It excellently reflects the concepts of simplicity and sophistication, which align with Apple’s brand values.





Why packaging is the point of focus?


Product packing is one of the best parts of shopping on Amazon. Packaging significantly impacts customers’ brand experience when the product is delivered to their doorsteps. Therefore, it should be visually appealing, elicit pleasant feelings in the buyer, and convey appropriate information about the product.

Amazon has taken the initiative to ensure its users get the most incredible experience possible by carefully packing every product. They also unveiled their new packaging design. Amazon announced an extension of its Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) initiative in June 2021. We see several inventive packaging ideas today, such as reversible, inside-printed package boxes.

Customers can receive their items in recyclable or biodegradable packing materials that are easier to unbox and do not require additional tools. On the other hand, cardboard boxes can be used for various purposes, including re-shipping and storing daily necessities around the house. This new design appears to have been built with a focus on sustainability, seeking to eliminate the unnecessary Packaging prevalent with other retailers.


Types of amazon packaging:

  • Paper bags
  • T-folder boxes
  • Padded mailers
  • Cartons
  • Containers
  • Sacks
  • Cases
  • Drums
  • Sturdy, grooved tubes.



Do’s and don’ts of amazon packaging:


As an Amazon seller, you must follow various rules and regulations, including the product packing requirements. Before you begin designing your product packaging, it’s critical to understand Amazon’s restrictions regarding what you can and cannot do. Aside from an appealing design and product-specific information, your products must also possess certain features to be sold on Amazon.

  1. Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit
  2. Country Origin
  3. Legal Requirements for the product


Do’s of amazon packaging

  1. Understandable design

Consumers feel connected and secure when product information is easy to read and understand. This applies to both your product listing and your Amazon product packing. The goal is to keep things simple and avoid stuffing your Packaging with unnecessary or irrelevant information. There should be no room for ambiguity. As a result, your clients will choose another similar brand for their needs.

  1. Aesthetic is the king

Aesthetics dominate supreme when it comes to product packaging. Amazon has almost 100 million things for sale. The competition is fierce, and you must ensure that your product packaging stands out from the mass. Consider how customers can stop scrolling on Amazon and click on your product instead.

Colour is one of the most critical aspects of your Packaging’s success. The appropriate tones might help your products appear more authentic and trustworthy. Always choose your packaging colour following market requirements.




  1. Reviews and feedback card:

Customized product inserts are an excellent approach for Amazon sellers to undertake proactive marketing and create opportunities for customer assistance. These inserts are small pieces of paper or cards that include marketing content about your products/services and usually request reviews and seller feedback. They typically act as your direct follow-up, referring clients to your website and social media accounts. These tokens also provide an excellent opportunity to highlight your consumers with a dynamic message and introduce them to additional products supplied by your brand.


  1. convenience and environmental protection

Always strive for minimum Packaging that promotes consumer convenience and environmental protection. Ergonomic designs that allow for simple but strong Packaging can vastly improve your clients’ product unfolding experience.


Don’ts of amazon packaging:

Don’t use emotions:

According to Amazon’s terms of service, appealing to your customers with emotive statements such as “we are a smaller, household business” or “only support American sellers” and then demanding a product review is considered manipulative or deceptive. Any violation of the company’s rules may result in the suspension or permanent termination of your account, which means no sales.


Don’t demand positive feedback:

While you can undoubtedly request opinions in your product package, you must exercise extreme caution in your language. Instead of asking for positive feedback or reviews, consider saying something neutral. For example, say, “We would love to hear about your experience with us” instead of “We would be obliged if you could offer us positive feedback”. Besides breaching Amazon’s Terms of Service, such prejudiced requests sound incorrect and unethical.

Feedback with coupons and discounts is strictly prohibited. You can offer discounts but not for the positive reviews.


Don’t deviate customers from amazon:

One thing you absolutely cannot do is try to steer clients away from Amazon. While directing people to your website may be more profitable, if you’re selling something on Amazon, your packaging note must adhere to Amazon’s Terms of Service. It implies no ‘call to action words or phrases, such as your social network handles or store email.


In the final analysis:


In conclusion, designing adequate Packaging for your products on Amazon is an important consideration to ensure that your products arrive in good condition, stand out to potential customers, and leave a positive impression. When designing your Packaging, consider functionality, sustainability, cost, branding, and the customer experience. While aesthetics can be an essential factor, it’s crucial to balance these other considerations to create Packaging that meets your business’s and your customers’ needs. By taking the time to design your Packaging carefully, you can help increase the chances of success for your products on Amazon.

While end users readily ignore most e-commerce packaging, it can significantly impact consumer happiness and retention. This applies to all Amazon businesses, particularly those launching a private label and building a brand with long-term ambitions. Everyone anticipates an unboxing experience, and it is strongly advised not to pass up this excellent opportunity. Furthermore, if your customers enjoy unwrapping your products, they are likelier to tell their friends and acquaintances about it.

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