Getting started with amazon brand registry 2.0 in 2023

Amazon Brand Registry

Do you want to protect your intellectual property?

Do you want to protect your brand on amazon?

The amazon brand registry can do the job for you .amazon brand registry plays a crucial role in online business. Whether you are a small business or a brand, you can register your brand on amazon and protect your brand.

Amazon’s brand registry has a plethora of great features and advantages.


You are protected if you are an Amazon seller who creates and sells your private-label products on Amazon. Sign up for Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0 to authenticate product ownership and prevent forgeries from entering the market.

It aids in the protection of a registered trademark on Amazon. Enrolling in it is a simple and one-time process completed at Seller Central.

Amazon is designed entirely with complex algorithms to aggregate product information from numerous sellers.


It appears to be easier for product details to be completely incorrect or skewed.


As a result, the Brand Name Registry is also extremely valuable if a company has multiple shops selling its products online.


Some of the key Benefits of amazon brand registry 2.0

  • Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 uses machine learning to proactively identify and remove infringing products from the platform, helping sellers protect their brands more effectively.
  • Sellers who are part of the Brand Registry 2.0 can create enhanced product listings that include additional product information, high-quality images, and customer reviews
  • access to customized support from Amazon, including reporting and removing infringing or counterfeit products.
  • Global reach


Brand registry is for whom?


As the name indicates, the brand registry is for brands also known as amazon sellers.

However, if a seller is an “approved seller,” the brand owner may be issued a Brand Registry on their behalf.


What is the purpose of the amazon brand registry, and why was it launched?

Amazon launched the Brand Registry in 2017 to help sellers protect their branded products on the platform and provide a better shopping experience for customers. The program was designed to help sellers protect their intellectual property and ensure that only authorized sellers can sell their branded products on Amazon. This can help prevent the sale of counterfeit or unauthorized products, damaging a brand’s reputation and leading to customer complaints.


Information required for amazon brand registry:


To enrol in the amazon brand registry, you must adhere to the following information


  1. Your brand name: This should be the name you use to identify your brand and that you want to register with the Brand Registry.

Your brand’s active registered trademark must appear on your items or packaging. Brand Registry also accepts brands with pending trademark registrations in a subset of trademark offices (see country-specific requirements section).


  1. Your brand logo: You will need to provide a high-quality image of your brand logo. The logo should be in a format that can be easily reproduced, such as a PNG or JPEG file.
  1. A list of your products: You will need to provide a list of the products you want to register with the Brand Registry. This list should include the product names, descriptions, and images.
  1. Your contact information: You will need to provide your contact information, including your name, email address, and phone number.
  1. A brand registration agreement: You will need to agree to Amazon’s brand registration agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the Brand Registry program.



Procedure for applying for amazon brand registry:

You must have an amazon seller account to register on the amazon brand registry.

  1. You need to sign up for an amazon brand registry account

This involves following the steps

  • Legal name
  • Sms validation
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Follow on-screen prompts
  1. Enrolling:

Brand Eligibility: This page contains information about the brand name, logo, and the number of brand names to be registered in the registry. Once these details have been entered, click the “next” button.

  1. Selecting trademark:

The brand must select its trademark type, name, registration number, and office on this page. Once these details have been entered, click the “next” button.

  1. Uploading page:

Provide product photographs, brand logo(s), package images, and information about your online presence (website and social media page). Once these details have been entered, you can go to the next page.


  1. Describing more about the brand:

The final page describes the brand in greater detail, including seller account information, vendor account details, if the products have GTINs, EANs, UPCs, or EANs, production details, licence details, a manufacturer nation, and countries where the products are distributed. Once these details have been entered, click the “apply” button.


What to do next?


When the application is successfully submitted, Amazon validates all of the information. It takes between 2 and 10 days for the process to be completed and for the brand registry to be active. Amazon gives a code to the registered trademark office at this stage.

The seller must contact that registered contact and inform them that they will get an email from Amazon that must be passed to the seller.

After receiving this code, the seller must log in to their Amazon Seller Central account, input the Case ID from the initial email, and click the Go button.

Choose Reply from the Respond or View menu. Copy the code and hit the transmit button.



What if my application is not approved?


If your application is not approved, Amazon will send you an email explaining why and what steps you can take to resolve any issues. For example, you may need to provide additional information or documentation to prove that you are the brand owner. Once you have addressed any problems, you can resubmit your application for review.


Final thoughts:


It’s important to note that the Brand Registry application process is designed to protect the program’s integrity and ensure that only legitimate brands are enrolled. It can help protect both sellers and customers from counterfeit or unauthorized products.

Overall, the Amazon Brand Registry is an essential resource for sellers who want to build successful businesses on Amazon and provide customers with high-quality products.

By enrolling in the Brand Registry, sellers can protect their intellectual property, create enhanced product listings, access marketing tools, and receive customized support from Amazon. Additionally, the Brand Registry 2.0 offers additional benefits such as global reach, brand analytics, and improved brand protection through the use of machine learning

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